Capabilities include:

GMAW/MIG welding up to .500″

GTAW/TIG welding up to .250″

CNC Plasma cutting up to .625″ *Check out the blog for a video of this in ACTION here!

Tube bending up to 2″ diameter and 1.5″ square

*NEW* Offering full Motorcycle frame fabrication

Among our production capabilities, we also possess the equipment and experience to produce fully functional CAD (Computer Aided Design) drawings and 3D models! We’ve gotten pretty good at extracting what you need from crudely drawn designs on bar napkins, the weird divider in Pabst Blue Ribbon 30 packs, and vaguely described verbal ideas. Let’s make your next concept, whether it’s a piece of metal art or something that’s actually holding the ceiling, a reality!


We also work with a number of other vendors to offer these value added services:

Powder Coating

Zinc Plating


CNC Machining