There is no shortage of fabrication shops in the Milwaukee area, so why should you chose Metal Melters for your next welding and metal fabrication project?


-You don’t need to be an American Society for Quality member or a Six Sigma Black Belt to know that a high quality product is the number one goal for anyone who makes anything. If you focus on quality, all the rest (lead times, cost, profits, etc.) will follow. So this is where our focus lies and it shows in our work. Check out our Project Pictures page to see how our work speaks for itself.

Customer Service

-We’ve experienced the pain of having an email go unanswered for weeks or not getting a return phone call when you need something immediately. We strive for the best customer service we can possibly provide, to make your life as easy as it can be. Contact us today for a quote on your next project, whether it’s the one off custom manufactured piece to build the car of your dreams or the production welding job that has been causing you headaches for years, and experience the Metal Melters difference.


-With well over a decade in welding, fabrication, and general problem solving we’ve got the know-how to get a project, no matter how big or small, done right the first time
-Before Metal Melters, the owner spent 7 years at the top of the food chain in a multi-million dollar manufacturing facility. We know what causes pain for manufacturers both large and small, and we know how to alleviate it.
-We’ve spent many hours, in many meetings, with many engineers. We know how to get their requirements met, while aiding in the design for manufacturing process.

Our Size

-Many shops will boast about their incredibly large facility or how they employ an exorbitant amount of people. Both of these feel like disadvantages to us. Our small tight knit staff ensures that everyone is working to the same end, keeps communication easy and orders clear, and keeps our overhead low. All of these translate to a better customer experience, both in price and turn around time.
-Our facility is small, meaning we don’t have the luxury of letting things sit untouched. We aim to keep the least amount of work in process possible, fostering an incredibly lean manufacturing process, that keeps both your bottom line and lead times down to a minimum.